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Catspree - Scratching Sisal Pole

Catspree - Scratching Sisal Pole

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  • BIG SIZE - 93cm in height, big enough for big cats It also has a scaffold in the middle, so it is easy to use for kittens and older cats


  • STURDY AND SAFE - The material of this product is made of eco-friendly pine and jute. You can also use the screws included with this product to install with confidence. (However if you install it on a drywall of plasterboard, you will need to have a scissor fixed anchor for gypsum boards and M4*80mm screws. )


  • MULTIPLE ROLES - Not only a playground device, it can also play multiple roles for sharpening nails and napping


  • SAVE SPACE - This product is wall mounted, so it can be installed without taking up much space


  • This product is designed for DIY purposes - You can create an ideal environment for cats by combining it with other products according to your needs


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