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Catspree - Litter Box Mat

Catspree - Litter Box Mat

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  • Double layer cat litter mat: the double layer honeycomb design helps you to effectively capture the litter. Simply pick up the mat, squeeze to separate the two layers and tilt to throw the litter back into the box or trash. No more entering the cats and constantly sweeping or vacuuming. Honeycomb holes provide a cushioned surface for cats. to the bottom layer.


  • SOFT ON PAW - Made from BPA-free and lightweight EVA foam rubber. The soft and smooth surface is gentle and comfortable for the paws, cats will quickly accept the new pillow and enjoy the feeling of it.


  • WATERPROOF & URINE RESISTANT - The bottom layer is waterproof and urine resistant and also non-slip; protects your hardwood floors and carpets from unsightly and smelly urled urine stains.


  • DURABLE AND SCRATCH RESISTANT: Because cats like to scratch, our cat mat is made of durable and compact material that can withstand your cat's urge to scratch and stretch.


  • EASY TO CLEAN AND WASH: After you put the litter back into the litter box, simply vacuum or shake the litter tray to remove extra particles. You can also wipe the litter box with a damp cloth or rinse the mat with water and dry.
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