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Catspree - Modern Tree House

Catspree - Modern Tree House

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CREATIVE PLAY HOUSE: With its streamlined design, this 51.4-inch multi-level cat tower is perfect for your frolicking cats to bounce up and down. Spacious top perch, super large hammock, wide platforms and cozy apartment provide plenty of space for your kitties to take a break or be in a bit of an uproar. The swing tunnel in the middle of the house is the bright spot.

EXCLUSIVE TUNNELHANGMAT: This tower has a two-piece tunnel that swings the bottom one, attracting your kitten's interests, giving them endless fun they can't resist. Kittens can look through the cracks to see what's going on, and the distance between the two parts is adjustable.

BIG SPACE MAND: Unlike other scratching post, this modern scratching post has a large space and a soft square hammock connected by two pillars to increase its stability, which avoids the risk of breaking or unstable.

STABLE AND DURABLE: Composed of CARB-certified natural chipboard and two rows of sturdy posts, the stability of this house is reliable. New antibiosis ultrasonic fabric in the main activity areas double ensures a safe and healthy life of your kittens. Light stains can be easily wiped off as the fabric is light waterproof.
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