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Catspree - Scratching Ball

Catspree - Scratching Ball

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Protect your furniture: This cat sisal ball adopts durable solid wood and natural sisal ball. Place it in the living room, bedroom and other places where cats love to go, it can prevent the sofa and other furniture from being scratched by cats. Save money when maintaining furniture.

Safe and high quality: The base of the triangular frame is designed to support the sisal ball, which is stable and hard to serve, so cats can't be hurt and safe when playing this toy. The sisal ball for cats is made of eco-friendly and durable materials and will not disassemble easily.

Interesting cat toys: This kind of sisal ball for cat scratching is different from common cat toys. The unique hollow design satisfies cats' curiosity by matching the characteristics of cats' natural love for drilling. The spinning sisal ball can also attract the cat's attention.


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