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Catspree - Furniture Protection

Catspree - Furniture Protection

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Maximum furniture protection: The cat protector works on any upholstered furniture. The self-adhesive sheets and swivel pins provide more coverage and extra assurance that the pads will stick securely to your sofa. This cat protection pad protects your furniture from scratches.

Durable and flexible: Cat furniture protectors are high quality, pliable, flexible and clear vinyl. The vinyl is thick enough to repel scratches and flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture. They prevent cat claws from damaging your sofa. Stick the pad where you want to protect it and secure it with pivot pins (optional).

Multiple application: The cat couch protector can be installed not only on your couch, but also on your armchair, chair, carpet, mattress, car seat, wall and rug.

Easy to install and remove: It takes only seconds to apply the protection tape against scratching cats. Very simple, no complex steps or tools required. You can also use this protection tape for scratching cats on leather furniture. The high-quality screw pins are easily secured and do not fall out. The convenient fasteners for the screw pins are quick and easy to detach so they can be reused.

Transparent invisible protection: This sofa protector is 100% transparent and completely matches your interior decoration. These bench protectors are very strong and barely noticeable. Excellent scratch stopper and sofa protection from scratching cats.

Warning: This product is not recommended for velvety fabrics or leather (real and synthetic).
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