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Catspree - Wall-Mounted Bowl

Catspree - Wall-Mounted Bowl

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Adjustable Cat Bowls: The hanging cat bowl is specially adapted for cats of different sizes. You can freely adjust it at any height according to your cat's age, so you don't have to worry that the height is inappropriate and give your cat a perfect feeding environment.

Reduce Neck Strain And Less Vomiting: Ordinary cat food bowls are too low to solve your cat's vomiting problem? Our wall-mounted kitten cat bowls for adult cats can solve this problem. There are three protective films that allow you to test different heights to see which height is the perfect fit for your cat. Your cat deserves better.

Food And Water Bowl Set: One for food, one for water. The combination of food and water bowls makes it more convenient for the owner to feed. 8.5 oz of each bowl is good for home use.

Easy To Install And Easy To Clean: The stand can be hung on the wall with protective film. Indoor cat bowls for cats can be easily installed on the shelf and easily removed from the shelf. Hanging on the wall can prevent the cat from moving the food and water bowl, and you do not need to move the cat bowls when you clean the floor

Dishwasher Safe: The cat bowls with stand are made of high quality PP material, with a matte surface and are durable and anti-drop. It is easy to clean and can be used in the dishwasher.


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