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Catspree - Windmill Toy

Catspree - Windmill Toy

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This Interactive cat toy is made of special soft material. This material is environmentally friendly and will not harm the cat. .

Also, the material allows this interactive cat toy to rotate 360 degrees which increases the IQ of your cat or kitten when playing with it. The cat toy is also multifunctional which ensures that your cat has to use all his/her senses.

This interactive cat toy comes with a super suction cup, perfect for busy cat owners, you can stick it on any falcon surface , such as tiles, glass , tubs and mirrors. The cat toys with suction cup can stand upright and not fall to the ground for up to 24 hours.

You can also apply cat toothpaste or food attractant to the bulge. To increase cats' interest and enhance the molar effect.

The 2 rotating balls are also surrounded with TPR material. This allows your cat/kitten to get its nails or teeth stuck in them as they rotate. This cat toy is the perfect toy for exercise and mental health. The lasers activate when the cat plays and automatically turn off after 10-12 seconds.


- Special TPR material.
- Keeps nails sharp and clean.
- Attaches to any flat surface.
- Increases your cat's IQ.
- For cats of all ages.
- Cats relief anxiety.


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