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Catspree - Laser Collar

Catspree - Laser Collar

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    Keep your cat entertained and engaged with our Laser Collar!

    This innovative collar features a built-in laser pointer that projects a bright, eye-catching light, perfect for playing and engaging with your feline friend. The laser can be adjusted to different modes and intensities, allowing you to customize playtime to your cat's preferences.

    Our Laser Collar is made with safe, durable materials and is designed to be comfortable for your cat to wear, even during extended play sessions. It's also adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit for cats of all sizes.

    Bring excitement and stimulation to your cat's playtime with our Laser Collar.

      • Hands-free Cat Toy: The ray of light is integrated into the collar to keep the ray point in front of cats at all times, whether they're jumping or running. Cats are always attracted to chase them, making it is ideal for anyone who works from home and needs time to focus or relax.


      • USB Rechargeable Battery: Compared to replacing alkaline battery, rechargeable battery with micro-USB charging port are more convenient and eco-friendly. Cats can play for nearly 5 hours on a single charge of 1 hour with this rechargeable collar toy.


      • Suitable and Comfortable for Cats: The adjustable collar length of 200-310mm (8-12inches) and 45-degree flexible light pointer head ensure that it suits most cat sizes. At only 1 oz, it's light enough for cats to wear even when pursuing.


      • Quality Material: The interactive cat collar is made of selected TPU material, which is harmless for cats or other pets. Lightweight collar is comfortable to wear on neck of kittens.
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